Children First : An introductory speech for consensual humans.

~ Dear parents, teachers, caretakers, comrades, activists, and lovers of children of all kinds,

As you may be able to look around and see for yourselves, the majority of us who are present here are adults working to improve the earthly realm of humans around us, and we should take notice that there are [few/no] children here, only a substantially larger group of adults in this meeting. A meeting to make plans for the future. Planning without the help of children. We will not deny that children exist all around us in our human realm, but are we planning with them in mind? Who is given permission to speak of children, and are the children incorporated into all of our plans? If so, do we know every ‘who, what, where, when, why and how’ in detail? Who are they to us as adults during these troubled times, and how did we get to where we are now? We were once children ourselves, growing up to inherit bad behaviors and socially accepted paradigms that encourage exploitation and destruction of the natural world over thousands of years, and now the realm of humanity itself is out of order – out of control. Am I beginning to insinuate that children play a major role in our culture and are in fact the answer to our burning question of where to direct all of our focus to stabilize ourselves? Have the majority of us overlooked the importance of children, and should we not put more emphasis on them? If you speculate the big picture of the human situation on this planet, which should be described as a crisis -as I have come to a very serious life-altering and life-threatening conclusion about- it could be said that the human realm and it’s existence on Earth is a complete mess simply because for nearly 6000 years of civilization children have been ignored in a very deep way. It is now time to put Children First. Children are our future.

We may already understand the obvious importance of caring about the lives of children, or even the children of non-human animals, but are unable to see how deeply important they are in the world, and how we must truly start to care for them. To put children first is to truly care about the earth itself, as such care will directly trace back to the earth in one way or another, having more of an impact than the majority of the human population will initially realize. Put the children first for this reason. Over all, children will always succeed us, out-live us, taking over where we left off, but should not be the ones to clean up the messes left behind by adults. It is not the children’s fault that the world is the way it is. Sadly, we may easily understand this truth, though also find it is not possible to easily stop the world’s problems dead in their tracks, considering the amount of systemic power that irresponsibly controls and promotes an immense plethora of destructive habits and behaviors to abuse the world’s resources, to see that an inevitable collapse of the system is required to return to a state of humans being in balance while ethically sustainable. Sadly, we simply have to patiently wait for this collapse to occur, and while we wait, we can learn more about how we got to where we are now, and how, if we had the chance, fix what specifically went wrong in the first place so that we can do better in the future whenever possible.

We as humans control everything on the planet, in little ways and in big ways. Every aspect is now being controlled, in one way or another. Even when it is not being openly and widely spoken of, as well as through catastrophically poor choices of denial and ignorance on a very large scale of human behavior. We directly and indirectly control children in horrible ways that the dominant culture is not consciously aware of. The dominant culture ruins children, and the planet. The dominant culture hates children, and keeps them quiet – silencing them. The dominant culture will tell adults to ‘shut up’ about children as well, for under the economic paradigm and leadership of capitalism, adults are forced to focus on what is the very opposite in terms of the importance of children to be ‘successful in life’. Not too much money can be made by the children themselves these days -selling lemonade can only get you so far- and therefore children are seen as having very little value, having a piggy-bank instead of a bank account. On a side note, it must be mentioned that child labor is not necessarily always a bad thing, but it certainly is when applied to industrial civilization, which is why everyone should be very thankful we do not send our kids to work these days instead of getting a so-called ‘decent’ education, being given adequate time to discover who they are through optimal maturation of playful experiences. We care more about the lives of children when it comes to the subject of being employed for a paycheck, but only this much to at least not appear cruel. Still, the dominant culture dislikes children covertly, and this is what is so backwards about every major perspective of capitalism, and the beginning of explaining why humanity is out of control at this point in time. We never openly acknowledge or promote the importance of putting children first. We need to care about children deeply. We as adults, need to plan with children in mind, and understand that if our lives had been better from the beginning, we would not be where we are now. It must be mentioned that people do not realize how primitive -or, less industrial- they need to become to save themselves.

We must abruptly look at violence for a moment as it relates to the complexity of the human crisis, as if we were just slapped in the face by it. The world has been destroyed by unspeakable violence, abuse, murder, forms of neglect and ignorance, lies and denial. Because of this, this must be asked in an attempt to prevent such behavior as much as possible: What would be a good way for us as humans to prevent violence -especially when violence begets violence as they say- within our culture, preferably starting early on in a person’s life? The answer can be found in early teachings of intimacy, love, honesty and even sexuality, among other great humanitarian teachings to children so that they grow up less confused, less violent, more aware.

What is also very important is something we don’t think about almost at all anymore because we are so used to performing the ritual on a daily basis, which is the ritual of wearing clothes -the ritual of hiding our naked bodies, the visibility of our skin- also has something to do with causing destructive behavior on a deep level. We as early hominids began to wear animal skins or ‘clothes’ approximately 170,000 years ago, but never have been born with clothes on or to develop a shell like a snail does, or some other natural form of protection for the epidermis/skin with the exception of plenty of hair on our bodies that we later lost most of during our evolution. Depending on where the neanderthals specifically found themselves living on earth long ago, depended on the desirable need to wear animal skins or ‘clothes’ either for extra warmth or protection from the sun- not to be more modest in appearance. However, most of the problem really does stem directly from the denial and ignorance of providing intimacy and love to children that they need, teaching them how to be honest and intimate from being a good example while knowing how to influence them using positive reinforcement in their lives as well as not denying their childhood sexuality, which does exist and is not a myth: it’s not as if children instantly become sexual beings immediately after puberty; it all begins much earlier than that. Children are indeed born to be sexual. We were all born sexual, changing more or less as we grow older incrementally. We can’t ignore or deny these facts anymore.

The subject of childhood sexuality is very important, though it is definitely not what needs to be looked at first. What comes first are quality teachings and experiences of intimacy, love, and simply being nude as much as possible – weather permitting, of course. We have covered our bodies too often for thousands of years, starting with body paint and decorative materials, eventually becoming clothing with more than the specific purpose of protecting ourselves from the elements, not with the intention of hiding ‘private parts’ from the eyes of others since the very beginning. Once the majority of humans became insecure in their behavior about their nude bodies and the nudity of others, we all started wearing clothes to hide under to superficially impress, to fit in and be accepted, eventually creating what we know as ‘fashion’, as ostentatious, pretentious, costly and uncomfortable it really is, or can be. We have created deception in our world starting with this habit taken to an extreme, giving it a new meaning and purpose over time, in combination with the old purpose to make the rationality of insecurity seem more legitimate. Wearing clothes causes and increases sexual frustration in others, both of which cause and increase the desire to have sex over longer periods of waiting time, triggering the ability to imagine ways to somehow achieve or relieve the yearning for such gratification, driving humanity into a form of depraved horny madness, exacerbating sexual abuse, all forms of violence, all forms of murder, and even authoritative neglect to satisfy or attempt to cure the intense emotional spell of sexual cravings. The connection being made is how humans are literally disconnected from each other by wearing clothes too often.

To provide my own perspective and understanding of our complicated situation by presenting a personal story from my own experience, here is something true that I have wrote: 
During my entire life so far I have only seen children of the opposite sex completely naked in the flesh a total of 9 separate times. More specifically, I have seen 9 different naked young girls randomly over 33+ years, never once touching their bodies or genitalia, only looking at them while nude, mostly from over 20 feet away and usually for just a couple of minutes – though one time very closely that lasted around 15 minutes which also included a request for me to touch them (a 4 or 5 year old girl gave me consent to smear her body with hot-spring mud in Slab City California – It was my birthday and I was turning 23). All of the children (female) were under the age of 6. The truth is that this small amount of nudity is completely unnatural for anyone to see within 33+ years, and the amount of human nudity we all need to be seeing should be much higher. My issue: Growing up as a heterosexual male while never getting an easily available opportunity to touch or experiment with a young naked girl intimately during my boyhood when it should have been done has caused a tremendous accumulation of sexual frustration later in my life, driving me absolutely crazy over the years. This type of learning experience is in fact essential for anyone’s well-being. Sadly, the goal to satisfy my curiosity that I had as a child (and continues to linger) will probably never be fulfilled. I hate the unnatural denial and ignorance of a child’s sexuality and lack of human nudity within human culture more than most will ever understand. Nudity needs to be a part of human life and so do the teachings of intimacy directly with children. If the dominant culture doesn’t fix itself soon, then humans deserve to go extinct.

Almost everything we do as humans is to help us get sex or find a way to give ourselves love, one way or another. If we can understand that there is a possible way that exists to responsibly raise and control children to not be so sexually frustrated later in life -who may grow up focusing on lusty schemes, doing whatever it takes to get someone naked just to have sex (like to lose their ‘virginity’ for example) or merely to see someone naked – because at least half the problem that causes sexual frustration is not being able to see what it is under someone’s clothes, therefore driving all humans crazy- the best way to do this is to directly provide structure and discipline to the budding sexuality of children beginning with their need for intimacy starting when they are young, while teaching the importance of being naked with other children for every good reason, encouraging them to care and love each other on a very deep level helping them to mature without formations of negative behavior. That is how we can save humanity by focusing on how we raise children. Adults have this power. Adults need to stop ignoring children, and their sexuality. The roots of sexual frustration cause violence, and every other problem that was previously mentioned. If ‘schools’ -or at least emphatic teachings- of intimacy had been established thousands of years ago, we would be much better guests on the planet today. Sex controls every aspect of our lives when you really think about it. Sigmund Freud was certainly right about something on this topic. It begins with how children are raised. Children must be put first – I can not say it enough. ***At the end of this speech, information on Youth Intimacy School Education, or ‘Y.I.S.E.’ for short, and The Essential Fundamental Building Blocks for a Worthwhile Life (List of ideals for humans in communities) will be handed out.***

Now back to the responsibility issue of who creates the plans of the world: similar to what I had mentioned and speculated in the beginning, I now ask who has the privilege to talk about children and their sexuality; their rights, and real needs for intimacy? It is sad but true that this is all mostly taboo, especially thanks to capitalism itself forcing us to look the other way entirely. If we looked at children directly and honestly all the time, the world would continuously be saving it’s grace when trouble appears: the truth being revealed in children’s faces and bodies as if they are a psychic medium or clairvoyant crystal ball that represents the well-being and predictive near future of the whole planet; showing and reflecting how we as adults directly and indirectly treat all things, sometimes being neglected or forgotten, though when remembered and attended to may cause tears of joy when life is consciously and humbly given back to itself, the human adult reinforcing the sacred life force of youth found within it’s own species, conjuring enlightenment.

When it comes to adults talking about a child’s needs for intimacy and budding sexuality, while keeping children front and center in our minds during the process of designing the world around us, this is how it simply should be done, more or less: putting children first must be completely *accepted* and *promoted* in our culture over everything else; even if specific teachings of intimacy and sexuality are to be excluded, at least in the beginning of this new paradigm. Realistically, there is no worthy alternative to putting children first in our lives, and that is a definite conclusion. Human consciousness must be treated differently than non-human consciousness, as it requires more responsibility. To go even deeper into the need for structure and discipline within humanity, now putting great emphasis on the specific topics of intimacy and sexuality towards the physical relationships of children with other children, and especially adult relationships with children, it must be said that the consent of a child to play or love who they choose needs to be *accepted* but *not promoted*; as if to exploit the child’s interests or sexuality to make them readily available as an objective, which will destroy everything that is sacred about their nature. The child has the right to do what they please, as long as everyone involved is being responsible enough to avoid any real harm, disregarding common non-negotiable accusatory presumptions of coercion on the behalf of an adult interested in such relations with a child, beliefs of which have been converted into unrealistic laws created by a dysfunctional system which must be repealed and forgotten. The dominant culture is dumb and confused by the importance of meaningful communication between such relationships of children being with children, and children being with adults, where what is being misunderstood is how talking about the importance of children and their relationships is seen or heard as promoting a specific kind of lustful and devious attraction towards children in itself, and about children themselves: attraction that needs no advertising and is ruined by such advertising. Specifically about adults – adult attraction to children (and vice versa) is very natural all around, with emphasis that such attraction should not be the new normal or preferred objective for all humans to experience -especially as a sexual experience- simply because most children are physically and mentally underdeveloped. This is how the dominant culture and capitalism ruins the experience of child sexuality: both mistakenly bring too much attention to this phenomenon, creating rumors to be spread within the modern-style nuclear family on the subject of incestuous taboos by declaring that it is not acceptable to share the same bed with the children, etc., and as consumers in society, which created pornography and the ability to make money off of sex. Not to mention all the extra stupidity of the dominant culture, which indeed is mostly about capitalism, exploits – and attracts – and destroys – and is irresponsible for the damage it causes- and ruins what was beautiful from ever allowing it to return to being acceptable in society ever again. Beautiful things have happened on this planet that you will never know about, which is definitely something you should continuously make an effort to remember. Here is a quick list of realistic rules to help and protect children, that also provides some of what has just been mentioned:

Rule number One: Never exploit, or harm children.

Rule number Two: Love all children and be intimate with them when appropriate and while being responsible.

Rule number Three: Always provide as much helpful guidance to children as possible.

Rule number Four: Discipline children starting when they are young.

Rule number Five: Always put children first.

Relationships of children with adults are not a new phenomenon in history, however it can be agreed that the qualities of such relationships could have always been better of course if more awareness on the subject of human psychology was widespread. Children with adults can be proven to be completely acceptable and also be proven to be beneficial to the children themselves, if they desire and consent to such a relationship. It can also be proven that the amount of adults who are sexually attracted to children naturally only affects a smaller percent of the population, both of women and men. The smaller percentile of these adults who are truly interested and hopefully are or will be responsible in such delicate relations with children may be an obviously lesser figure, though it must be mentioned will never be a figure that is entirely eliminated, as the amount of adults being with adults will always dominate as it should, though what also must be brought into the light is the fact that children are attracted to adults, just as much, or even more than, adults attracted to children at times: as a young boy I personally was attracted to a few of my elementary and middle school teachers who were women in their twenties or early thirties, and other women not seen specifically at school who were around the similar adult ages or even older, for example. Again, relationships of adults with children are not required in culture, as they are not required in nature, though must be accepted within it as a phenomenon, yet should never be promoted, with all unreasonable criticism to be avoided if possible as it does not help in any form of responsible prevention. The only prevention necessary, needs to come from the necessary teachings of intimacy, nudity and sexuality. In the long run such relationships are easier to accept than attempt to hide, for such interests will always exist, and are unstoppable. Do your best to mind your own business if you fail to understand.

Another aspect of child and adult relationships is that they need to be accepted because they can properly function as long as there is consent between the lovers themselves, while also being accepted by the parents of certain younger aged humans at times, therefore the relationships tend to work out for as long as the lovers need to be together, and in the case of children being with adults they should be more or less temporary learning experiences. Such relationships usually are temporary in nature for the most part – which is in this case is due to the amount of age difference, though specific emphasis is put on the relations where there is a much higher gap between the ages for this insight- simply because how a younger human or ‘child’ will more than likely change psychologically during natural stages of maturation. The importance and goal of each child and adult relationship is mostly going to be about aspects of learning and teaching if it is not be one that lasts. Of course, if a child is very young and the adult is very old, attempting to make such a relationship work naturally is very difficult unless there is force behind it that breaks the natural rules of consent, which obviously needs to be avoided, where lessons can be taught starting very early in life to make sure it is prevented in adulthood in the best of ways. Intrinsically, the more of an age difference there is, the more difficult it will be to form a sexual relationship. When a child is young, the acceptability for age differences within a relationship starts out to be very little, though when they begin to get older this acceptability starts to open up, increasing the acceptable amount of the age difference as the age of the younger human increases which easily lasts well into their thirties, where finally as a much older adult the acceptability level of age difference naturally shrinks down again, but not as much as during the first decade (approximately) of their life. Human abilities are much different than non-human abilities, thanks to consciousness.

Here are three simplified guidelines for having romantic relationships with younger humans:
– Always cooperate and organize with the parents of younger humans first (especially parents of all younger beings who have not yet reached puberty).
– Allowing responsible relations between younger humans with similar or older age groups.
– Allowing reasonable interactive differences between the physical size / maturity of younger humans with similarly sized or larger / more mature humans.

Also, humans are capable of living longer now, and this changes the game of human relationships, because it creates perspectives that did not exist before – between those who are young and those who are old. Relationships become less natural and are odd when a child has relations with an adult that exceeds about 40-50 tears of age or so, especially when the younger human is young enough to be a grandchild to the adult. It could also be said that such a relationship may be odd when the age of someone who is fully mature could be placed directly between the two different ages within the relationship, such as a 30 year old adult could be placed in between a the age of a child who is 10 and the age of the adult in the relationship who is 40 years old. There was a time in human history where average life expectancy was between the ages of 35-40, until the industrial revolution enabled people to live much longer, which is when the human realm became better -or at least easier and more pleasurable- as well as worse, and not just for their relationships.

To mention how human culture has developed over time beginning with a quick note on marriage that plays a part in culture, marriage is a ritual that does not exist in nature either, as it is a product of our relatively modern times since between the common era of 1250-1300 approximately. Humans are just ‘civilized’ animals, and animals do not get married. Sadly, in capitalism that hides dark secrets of all kinds, literally buying young and/or beautiful brides is a possibility. This is very unnatural. Money is not real as it is, and buying a person is a fake and toxic form of love. Even though relationships of younger humans with older adults are considered taboo or frowned upon within the dominant side of capitalism itself, there is the existence of young brides out there who have a price tag available for the wealthy. It must also be mentioned that in capitalism, money can buy sex and/or time with ‘hookers’ and other fake forms of gratification such as porn, sex dolls and sex toys. Drugs, medications and aphrodisiacs are also available to increase sexual desire. Capitalism also encourages masturbation, which is healthy and natural to some extent, but can still be very destructive and addictive as there are unnatural forms of masturbation, especially with the ability to fantasize or daydream that helps to fuel the whole masturbatory experience. Humans are out of control whether they realize it and accept it or not. To stabilize humanity, we need to put children first in all that we make plans for, and we need to see each other while being nude again, to have real intercourse with others as much as possible in reality, providing we are responsible and treat each other with respect. If we allow children and adult relationships to happen on their own around the majority of relationships that involve adults with other adults, we can avoid a plethora of destructive and fake-forms of culture as long as we make an effort to improve our ethics. It makes perfect sense to allow such child and adult relationships. It is a trade for the better – a better way of life. That is a good way to describe the situation and what needs to happen. The hard part is accepting how far away we have distanced ourselves from our real human needs, and why. The dominant culture is unbelievable: an accident caused by the accumulation of wrong choices over long periods of time. People worry about child and adult relationships because of what has happened in the dominant culture over thousands of years, which specifically is the cause of when humans began to be less openly intimate with each other in combination with wearing more clothes, sleeping in separate beds, creating the sexually-frustrated-man who is deprived of such completely natural pleasure conveniences and therefore becomes desperate, desiring to stick his penis into ‘anything that moves or has a hole in it’. The problem is magnified thanks to other problems created by the dominant culture over thousands of years, but has become hyper-intensified and extreme especially the last 70 years, becoming increasingly worse during the time period of the invention of the internet and television.

The media controlled by capitalism produces a fearful, cynical and contemptuous mental thought of children being with adults, where apparently abuse, violence, etc. are inevitably bound to happen which is mostly exaggerated and blown out of proportion, because life itself is not perfect and can never be perfect enough to avoid all forms of harm to have perfect relationships anyway. However, for the most part, negative interactions within communication can be prevented if we as humans acknowledge where we have gone wrong and remember how good we are at fixing problems when we actually put in the effort. To remind you, if humans get back to their roots, living our lives while naked again while optimally initiated into habit as children among naked adults as well, human contentedness will soar and appear like a beautiful rainbow. Bliss, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, love, well-being, etc. It is all very good for the human mind. This is how deep the importance of children is.

Yet, today, it is taboo for adults to talk about, even though it is the answer humanity is desperately looking for to save itself. I have mentioned what needs to be promoted, with deep explanation, but still, who gets to talk about it if we start to open up to the subject? There are a few natural groups that exist that each have their own power to speak up to certain degrees, and will now briefly be mentioned. Adults who are in relationships with younger humans/children will almost always be very quiet towards others about the importance of putting children first in combination with a return to a more or less nude lifestyle, for they know the dangers involved that may expose their type of relations. Adults in relationships with other adults without children usually have priorities to each other, and how the dominant culture operates will prevent them from such activism at least to some degree, depending on the level of depth the adults in the relationships are willing to be honest about, but what happens very often in such heterosexual relationships is the woman will have a ‘feminist’-style edge available to her as an approach to anything that complicates the attractiveness to each other, therefore silencing the man from discussing children’s rights, or the man being interested towards other women for that matter, unless of course the relationship is very real and down to earth, where she truly cares about the man, who they both are as a couple, and simply who children really are. It just needs to be mentioned that the woman can silence a man very easily to control him during these times, as to seduce him, aggressively or even sociopathically; which capitalist culture creates and breeds so easily; where sociopathic individuals are out to heroically compete for the resources of the world, to then control other humans if they so desire on any level that they wish, all done with a smile on their face and a superficially ‘nice’ attitude.

Who comes next on the list are the single parents, biological parents with new partners, and especially the biological parents who hopefully remain happily together without ever getting divorced or separated. The parents themselves naturally have the golden ticket access, the V.I.P. pass, the ‘god-given’ right to talk openly about putting children first and nudism. By default, they have ‘the right’ because they apparently truly know about how to deal with children as they have their own, being at least one or more. Though what we actually see much of the time in the media and in public are low quality parenting skills or even ones that are considered horrible thanks to capitalism and the dominant culture. Certain parents will achieve such activism if they are careful, with just the right combination of top-notch parenting skills, intelligence, while capable of defending themselves easily when answering questions that may come their way through speech or writing at random, making them shine brightly as high quality quick-witted parents. In my experience I haven’t heard too many parents talk about the type of intimacy I speak of, but that is understood because of an awareness of their fears created by the world, full of threatening, contemptuous, and immature behavior, where communicating with respect never happens first: they tend to be more cautious with who they talk to. There should be no blame towards them for speaking out about wanting to protect their children for the right reasons, as long as they understand and/or mention the true reasons why everything has gotten out of control in the first place. If a parent wishes to talk about a problem they have with an adult interacting with a younger human/child, but ignore or deny the true cause of the problem mistakenly created by the dominant culture in the first place and why everything is out of control, which sadly is usually the case, they will absolutely ruin the potential to establish great wisdom about why we all need to actually love children while consciously not looking at them as sexual objects that can be used or exploited, inappropriately controlled for selfish personal gain or expression, while lacking the ability to understand who children really are to everyone and the future.

What that all boils down to is the fact that adults and parents can hinder more than they can help, and it is very obvious. However, decent parents out there still do what they can, even though they sometimes cause a situation to backfire, cause more problems than they fix, and attempt to fix what is not broken. Sometimes they think they have good intentions, yet are no different from other parents in the past, with no radical approach to solving problems. Passing down the same teachings as they were taught by their parents, and the parent’s parents, where teaching kids to simply be ‘kind’ or ‘nice’ is not the real solution, and will not work in the long run. They protect, but usually protect too much. Or, they protect, but not in the right way. They protect, but not enough. Most relationships are created and fueled by capitalism these days, which explains why people with lower intelligence seem to breed more, and get married more. Everything now makes sense: something was missing in the educational process.

Though rarely, they can both protect and teach their children and other adults all at the same time how everything needs to truly function, and they will sacrifice what they can to improve life around them. At the end of the day, the bottom line is that parents have, and should have, the most control, over the need to put children first. They can actually work with their own children, and focus on speaking out as a family: families, that have the best advantage in communities, and can change environments by being a good-example type of family. They are rare these days, but they do exist out there. Lastly, single adults, such as myself, tend to quickly get silenced about these issues of putting children first and request to return to a nudist lifestyle. We are seen as degenerates some of the time, especially if we are males. The stigma against us for being single, and our ability to be free in any way we please, with no restraints that we allow to be held down by, seems to shine an unholy light upon some of us, but not all of us. There are rare single adults who truly understand the depths of children and who they are and need to be in our world. I know I am one of them. I vow never to hurt a child, unless of course there is a very good reason, which basically is only if they literally try to kill me out of their immaturity when I do not want to be killed. Immaturity, or their behavior from lack of discipline, that could have been prevented in the first place like I have been discussing here the whole time.

In defense for single adults against the stigmas formulated by the dominant culture, especially under capitalism, once finding yourself in this type of position, sometimes it creates a situation that is like a trap, creating a problem that is hard to get out of for the rest of your life. This may be interpreted as a completely natural occurrence some of the time since it is not possible for every human on the planet to find a partner, but the dominant culture enforces the now debunked social-Darwinist ‘survival of the fittest’ theory, creating an unrealistic game out of life itself, that promotes selfish individualism over cooperating with everyone compassionately, allowing people who are able to be in relationships to excel individually and as romantic partners collaborating as a team who have the common goal to succeed and dominate to any degree they please.

This exacerbates deep sexual frustration in single adults, which causes aggression and madness, which may cause violence, rape, etc. It is hard to be in control under these circumstances. It is an unfair, dysfunctional system that creates such problems within humanity, and a system that refuses to take responsibility of such outcomes. This is a downward spiral that it manufactures, and is unable to escape from itself. It is ultimately self-destructive. It will destroy itself by eventually collapsing and imploding and there is nothing that can stop it’s ability to corrupt. The only thing we can do – is do our best to put children first in our hearts, even if we are just single men and women, as long as we mean no harm.

To completely extract my ideas on this subject and purge myself of my thoughts, I will quickly mention just a few honest reasons why I, as a single heterosexual man, am specifically attracted to young human females otherwise described as little girls: As a male who in height is shorter than average, younger human females resemble short women: there seems to be a kind of natural need for the male to be larger than the female in a relationship, which may have less to do with the initial assumption of dominance people tend to think, but rather the ability to physically protect and please the female over all. There definitely is a natural psychological need to be larger than the female, otherwise the relationship seems unrealistic or awkward. So, even though I am actually attracted to mature adult women, there are very few who are single and available that are just a little shorter than me, and I am sick of relationships with taller women, though I have not given up on them. Being with someone who is just a little shorter would be perfect, and over many years of time, my mind gives into the possibility of temporarily being with a little girl to solve this problem, even though my interest towards children is deeper than this issue between body sizes.

A deeper reason is that a child’s mind is not yet corrupted by capitalism or the ills of the dominant culture, therefore shining a light on children as if they are angelic, and interpreted by many as ‘innocent’, and all the attractively colorful behavior that such innocence produces; which is a kind of purity. The child’s personality is also something that seems eternal, which explains why so many seek the ‘fountain of youth’ to extend their mortal life; even though what they will discover is the fountain of youth springs from children themselves – so look no further! Seeing a child who’s days on earth seem endless and eternal to them, having their whole life ahead of them yet to be discovered, full of wonder and excitement, experiencing something new for the first time, is magnetic to any sensible older human who remembers what it feels like to be in that position of youth. For me to interact with a younger human during that early stage of being, I get lost in the passion of wanting to be around to teach them everything I know and see them learn something new for the first time, guiding them on a righteous path. I have willingly spent time doing this with children and young adults when possible in the past and it really does soothe my mind afterward, knowing they should not make the same mistakes that I have in the past if they learn the lesson correctly. This type of enjoyment allows me to know I would be a great parent, and worry not, for incest with my own family members does not interest me; only my right to provide love and intimacy as a regular father figure in a family: especially with an ‘adult’ wife, preferably of similar age and/or life experience.

Aesthetically, nothing shines more beautifully than the fresh youthful glow of new skin and hair, a definite sign of good health for every possible reason you can imagine. No need to find a way to ask a younger female to shave her pubic hair for a more sensual experience, as they are naturally smooth without any growing yet.

A physical reason, which must be interacted with very responsibly only after mere intimacy is no longer enough within a relationship, is how smaller females of any age have ‘tighter’ vaginas during sexual intercourse. As I have dated women, mostly all taller than me in the past, their vaginas seem to be in proportion of their height, and are usually larger in girth than what is pleasurable to my penis. Even if I did penetrate a young female shorter than me it wouldn’t hurt them as much compared to a larger male adult. I definitely would have to find the right-sized girl for penetration to be acceptable, though it must be said that for me to have an enjoyable orgasm while being sexually intimate together is still guaranteed no matter the size of the younger female, which for me could be accomplished by the many ways to have oral sex, or simply a method of masturbation, without any penetration, refraining and waiting for years to penetrate if only necessary: Love does not imply ‘fucking’.

There definitely seems to be a combination of female attributes that my mind and body requires for any of this relationship stuff to be pleasurable, even if it is to be temporary, while the objective idea of having my own children is not much of an interest during these modern times anyway.

One way to choose which age group is best for you is to know if you want to make your life easier or harder: Loving children is usually much easier than loving a complex adult – not much ‘high maintenance’ required. The face, the body, the mind, the health of a child is much easier to deal with; in contrast to what an older female must deal with, like the existence of a menstrual cycle for example and all the highs and lows of emotion that come with it which are not yet a part of the younger females life, therefore worrying about what kind of mood the older female is in depending on the time of the month is not necessary or bothersome. There is nothing too brainy to get hung-up on with younger humans: women these days sure do cause a lot of problems for men, due to how society and the dominant culture functions, like with ‘liberal feminism’ and/or ‘radical feminism’ getting in the way as an intellectual example, and it can be a real intellectual turn off. There is an inability to please a woman’s desires sometimes, their intrinsic need to be provided for, their ‘requests’, ideas of controlling the man, and fear of the man. Humanity really is a mess. If you want to be with someone without these problems, younger humans a.k.a. ‘children’ are the best option. To have less of a mental burden when it comes to intimacy, sex, relationships, being with children is the way to go.

The rock-bottom line is sex makes us who we are, quite literally. Personally, I was not abused as a child whatsoever, and I am not ‘promoting’ child-adult relationships, especially ones that involve penetrative sex, in case you were actually wondering: all I am doing is making everything clear as possible, and that in itself is a difficult feat as to why we need to put children first, and who they are in the world.

With that said to comfort myself, as if I will die tomorrow, let us all teach and learn how to make the most of this human phenomenon to make the world a better place, with deeper understanding than ever before. Oh yes – One last way for me to describe my attraction to younger human females in one word is they usually are very ‘cute’: cute in the same way I like to describe kittens, a cute sounding voice that seemingly could keep me alive forever, stimulating my entire life force, or sometimes thought of as cute in the same way all of existence was neatly compacted together before the ‘big bang’, that possible ‘death’ or ‘failure’ of ‘god’ itself, which ended up creating our lives and the need for love; and love, in case you did not know, is what happens when god attempts to put itself back together again.

Here is the ‘take away’ information that should stick in your brain if all else failed to make a memorable impact for any reason: The highly sought after solution that describes what is most necessary to return to a balanced and stable mode of humanity simply by being directly involved with children as the main priority in our lives in a few important incremental steps of which are all to be taken very seriously and worked on until what seems radical becomes normal as this is what is required of the human race to save itself:

Step 1. Children First: regardless of important teachings of intimacy, intelligence of nudity, or acceptance of childhood sexuality.
Step 2. Teachings of Intimacy: A) children learning to be intimate with other children B) adults learning to be intimate with children.
Step 3. Nudity: covering body with clothing as little as possible to encourage a very real and natural back-to-basics way of living through nudism.
Step 4. Children Playing and/or Playing with Children: intimately when necessary; especially while nude.
Step 5. Consensual Human Relationships: A) adults with adults B) children with children C) children with adults (avoiding penetration by the adult if necessary). Responsibly intimate, nude, and sexual as an optimal growing experience to keep humanity in equilibrium with all things.

A note on denial: Denial of a child’s sexuality does not prevent child abuse. Children (younger humans who are not yet ‘adults’) are sexual in their own budding ways, which is not new, and if we are to finally accept this truth, we must also remember that it does not make it acceptable to make a child the new sexual objective for those who want sex in general within human culture, or even for those not interested, as if to advertise or exploit a child’s true nature and allure, simply because they are capable of performing and expressing sexuality. It is OK to love children in every way, always putting children first in our lives to keep humanity stable, but to prevent child abuse, culture must also become more intimate with children and allow intimacy between children in every way to prevent children from growing up oppressed of much needed involvement with intimacy and sexuality during their own childhood to possibly end up seeking experiences with children after they have grown into adulthood to fulfill what they had missed. Denial is currently one of the most prevalent forms of evil found within humanity that must be reversed, otherwise humanity deserves to go extinct.

May the future of human offspring under the sun be truly bright and innocent.

The fountain of youth is now yours to play in, 

Over and out. ~


Youth Intimacy School Education (Y.I.S.E.)

Ultimate goal: Worldwide Humanitarian Equilibrium / Peace on Earth

Disciplinary studies in focus: Human Anatomy, Bodily Form and Function, Human Health and Medical Protocols, Respect, Relationships, Routine, Patience, Stillness, Endurance, Acceptance, Strength, Transcendence, Confidence, Honesty, Courage, Love, Friendship, Humanitarianism, Meditation, Sexuality, Ethics, etc.

Disclosure: Important human subjects such as Arithmetic, Science, Language Arts, Music, Creative Design, Food and Nutrition, Gym Exercise / Calisthenics, may be touched upon during in Y.I.S.E. classes, though initially should be learned at home or outside of class until Y.I.S.E. is complete around the student age of 10, when the opportunity to attend schools dedicated to pursuing further education of all kinds becomes available as the next personal step into growing older and wiser if desired.

Class time length: Ideally 7 hours a day – every day possible (weather permitting, etc.) for 7 years. The life of a human was meant to be lived much slower than the pace that modern culture has created for itself -and less materialistically- therefore to endure 7 years of this type of schooling is optimal for every young human being on the planet. The longevity expected of a human life under a more relaxed pace will increase life expectancy and decrease the mortality rate of a population overall.
Modification of total class time: During the first two years of school for younger students, class may only need to be 5 hours long. It may even be possible that during the last two years of school, classes only need to be 5 hours in length. Everything can be adjusted to the point of near perfection once converted into action.

Preferred Y.I.S.E. student ages: Approximately 3-4 years old to 10-11 years old, for a total of 7 years of class during youth.

Community class size and structure:
Ideally the standard will always be one-on-one (or more if necessary, Ex: two-to-one, three-to-one) guided lessons. Adult supervision is required for all lessons and exercises. Every student is permitted to have an intimate experience with the opposite sex, refraining from any penetrative intercourse from the male student’s penis into the female student’s vagina for sexual intercourse, or experimentation, specifically. Any orifice should not be penetrated except by light use of tongue, and/or the tip of a finger. To request for consent is a required matter during exercises when it should be done – which is also to be taught thoroughly by instructor to avoid anyone feeling violated. The variations in the ages of student partners available (and/or groups) acceptable and encouraged. Variations in boy/girl ratios within classes/groups will be naturally prevalent and will alter how and when the partnerships will be conducted during exercises. Temporary partnerships should alternate daily; every new day brings forth new experiences until everybody becomes familiar with each other and truly gets to know one another as the cycle repeats itself.

Curriculum / Lesson plans:
Prior to any schooling: Blood tests, vaccination, etc.

1) Daily health inspection checks: Personal hygiene and of others, initially taught by parents and acceptable single adults, specifically as a group evaluation effort.
15 minute health inspection check of student from adult, following a 15 minute inspection check (test) by a student to their student partner for the day. If a student is not in good health, or does not have decent hygiene, they must not participate in exercises of intimate contact.
(Total time: One hour, No clothing.)

2) Intimacy, Foreplay, and Sex Show Education Presentation by selected Teens / Adults (those who have graduated, alumnus / alumni)
(Total time: One hour, No clothing.)

3) Learning about Yourself and Others through Intimacy:
Ideally 30-minute sessions for each of the five exercises conducted with each partner for a total of 2.5 hours of intimate bodily exploration time per student. (Total time: 5 hours, No clothing. Indoors / Outdoors)

Description of Learning about Yourself and Others through Intimacy routine exercises:
-Boy (young male) and Girl (young female) begin each exercise by standing face to face, naked.
Psychology: Heterosexual contact should be initially practiced and focused on before homosexual / bisexual contact is requested / needed / desired by either sex.

-Boy explores the body of the Girl first, while girl remains standing and remaining still for each exercise lesson. Psychology: The boy should be given the chance to explore first considering the intrinsic impatience of the male personality and libido that tends to be very noticeable during young age. The roles of who gets to ‘explore’ and who gets ‘explored’ may be reversed when needed, decided upon arbitrarily by participants or the teacher / instructor. Exploration is not required under certain circumstances.
(Total time: 2.5 hours)
Girl explores the body of the Boy second, while boy remains standing and remaining still for each exercise lesson.
(Total time: 2.5 hours)

Exercise 1– Seeing the body.
Exercise 2– Smelling the body.
Exercise 3– Touching the body.
Exercise 4– Tasting the body.
Exercise 5– Hearing the body. (The student’s eyes should be closed during this particular lesson)

Eating, drinking, urination, defecation, etc., may be a part -or occur- during exercises, and must also be witnessed by the partner, and teacher conducting the partners, if possible.

If a student feels uncomfortable during an exercise, they should at least stand naked in front of their partner until the end of an exercise, or their participation may be delayed until a solution to the problem is found. If a student feels uncomfortable during any lesson or class, the same protocol of finding a solution for them to enjoy being in school should be worked on. Y.I.S.E. is to be accepted like any other school of knowledge, and the meaning and goal of such education is to improve humanity starting at an early age.

No homework using physical materials for school curriculum required. ///

– After school, students may discuss what they have learned about each other, and how they feel on their own.

– Lessons will be taught until experimentation is no longer needed; until everyone learns to love themselves and others, no longer showing any signs of sexual frustration, desperation, or codependency.

– Graduation and Commencement: Finally having (responsible) sex if students desire. Remember: Love does not imply penetration / ‘fucking’.

– Alumni / Alumnus (of fully mature and adult age): Potential to become a Teacher / Instructor, Body Inspector, Sex Education Show Participant.

The implementation of this type of direct education for youth into societies which has been avoided for thousands of years -due to a lack of critical intelligence in combination with human insecurity and it’s gradual increase- should have been considered necessary, appropriate and commonplace beginning long ago during the evolution of human education, rather than what would currently be considered as ‘radical’ to establish in modern culture. This type of early age education may even seem ‘Utopian’, yet it truly is not: only challenging to an immature mind and considered difficult in the same way that medical school or even schools of Buddhism are described for example, though are both very real and respectable human phenomenons.

Philosophical note: The dominant culture of humanity has the ability to control what types of behavior are acceptable for everybody to choose and live by for it to possibly achieve and continuously experience harmony on the planet, and therefore the dominant culture must take responsibility for the quality of life it is capable of providing through persistent control through human consciousness. With that said, the actual overall quality of human life is far from where it needs to be, and by establishing Intimacy Schools for every community that were meant to exist in the first place since the beginning of human enlightenment -while putting Children First politically with heavily weighted importance that runs very deep within any culture- will dramatically help to fix our dominant problems of being human.

The author’s viewpoint taken to an extreme, for the sake of truth and understanding of the ‘big picture’: The history of humanity is interpreted as completely worthless during any time period that this type of education was not a part of it’s dominant structure, and will be viewed as such until it is completely accepted within all aspects of human nature. The reason why humanity is being described as ‘worthless’ here is because it’s apparent intention and purpose in struggling towards making something great out of itself; or to ‘make progress’; in my perspective is seen as counterproductive; as almost the entirety of humanity has not been able to incorporate what matters most into the fruits of all it’s labor in history yet. All of civilization is an invention of misconception propelled by deception since it’s beginning. What has been built cancels itself out if it was not built with the specific mindset of putting children first/loving children openly within a humanitarian and utilitarian purpose; because it could have been more advantageous if such ideas had been implemented; therefore it becomes worthless: a mistake that begets more mistakes. Humanity may be seen as worthless, yet there still is plenty of meaning to be found within it, even if it forever hinders more than in helps itself until extinction, or maybe sometime in the near future and for the first time in history will finally learn from all it’s major mistakes thus procuring great wisdom for the whole population before the self-destructive apocalypse begins. Humanity has not learned to cooperate with itself across the globe and simply is not pure at heart yet even on an individual level. Everything in the human realm could be better: even a child knows that.


The Essential Fundamental Building Blocks for a Worthwhile Life (List of ideals for humans in communities)

-moneyless society
-humanitarian focus
-respect for children
-free range education
-respect for animal anarchy

-no factory farms
-no industrial agriculture
-a nutritional diet for optimal health

-safe anarchist architecture using natural materials from the land, and/or with concrete (Brutalism)
-spaces for all ages and specific ages
-sex in public [same as all other creatures who mate, more acceptable than drugs, may prevent violence in sex]
-community centers
-community paths / the ‘flow’, ‘line’, ‘split’ and ‘passage’
(the purpose of travel, adventure, learning, exploration. added meaning to humanity – walk the earth, skateboard, bike, etc.)
-public bath houses
-free gyms and calisthenics equipment built into all public spaces (adult playgrounds)
-hang out (anywhere)
-everyone has shelter
-spaces for each season
-concerts/art exhibitions
-‘good health zones’ (health screening before safe sex/orgy zones.)

-technology (minimal)
-upcycling > recycling
-all trash has a second purpose (ex: turn trash into filler material or art – no more landfills, if trash is even created)
-prisons (only for serious offenses)
-assisted suicide/ euthanasia
-medical technology (focus)
-safe transportation of essential resources
-electrical systems (kept at minimal)
-water systems
-little to no pollution
-ethical farming

-travel the world
-raising children
-good health/exercise
-technology (minimal)

Environmental Structure and Human Organization:
— Community Paths (Pedestrian Paradise) and Community Centers (‘Stack and Tunnel’ Rectangular-Recreation Lines)
— Medically-focused Deep-green Anarcho-humanitarian Collectivism

Essential Cultural Discipline (Ethics of Paradise):
— Keep humanity stable by putting Children First: This is the answer everyone is looking for.

1. Stabilize humanity by always putting children first.
2. As a parent or a teacher in your community, focus on educating all children about honesty, love, ethics, discipline and humanitarianism specifically through intimacy.

Note: Love does not imply fucking.
— Seek intimacy, stability, control, love, and discipline with other humans. Seek equilibrium with all creatures on the planet and leave wild nature alone.

2 replies on “Children First : An introductory speech for consensual humans.”

The following is a comment written for me on this work after recently being posted to GirlChat, with a response from me afterward:

“That was a very interesting read, to say the least, and thank you for the amount of time and intelligent thought you clearly put into this thesis. I would be cautious when proclaiming your views to be ‘the answer everyone is looking for’, seeing that many here have drastically different views, but I can’t blame you for having come to this conclusion.

We share many views. The most pertinent being, that we both seem to see the economic conditions of society as being inextricably linked with sexual oppression. There are many right-wing ‘libertarians’ here, however, who don’t believe that private property is theft, or that unrestrained capitalism is the antithesis of liberty. Materialism and consumerism (in my opinion) negates the need for a philosophically and sexually enlightened child-class. All that matters is that they become productive consumers, rather than sexually-liberated free-thinking individuals.

I disagree, however, that children need to be ‘disciplined’, as though they need to be taught to obey their adult overlords. You also put a lot of emphasis on the need for children to be taught about the body and natural sexual functions and pleasures, which I accept, but you leave no room for what I see as being equally as important. That being, the need to to teach philosophy in schools from as early as possible, in order to teach children to think for themselves and to reason effectively and think independently. I think this is also requisite for an enlightened society.

I also think your vision of a new curriculum (Y.I.S.E.) is a little authoritarian and extreme (even for me), of course the current system is very authoritarian, and I would like to see schools become a place of fun, creativity and constructive thought, that children will want to attend, rather than being forced to, as is often the case. Children being shamed for their naked form and sexual thoughts is a very real problem that needs to be addressed, and this can be remedied in many different ways. Parents ought to encourage their children to be nude, and to be nude around their children, which includes bathing together, taking them to nudist events, or ‘skinny-dipping’. Masturbation also needs to be discussed in schools. I envision children of all ages engaging in a philosophical discussion about sexuality, sat in a circle. They could freely discuss such things as pleasure, consent, homosexuality, pedophilia and so forth. ‘Nudist’ classes might also be a good idea, but I worry about children being made to do it. Perhaps there could be special ‘nude time’ lessons where children are told they can strip naked if they please. Many young children have an urge to do this, so it would be nice to see them not have to constrain this urge.

Anyway, I am happy that you see the importance in liberating children in order to see a truly liberated society. The way we treat children has to change if we want the world to change. Children first? Indeed.

Stay gifted,


My response:

Given the nature of my prudence -learned mostly through self discipline, caused by trial and error, and learning the ‘hard way’-, I have waited at least 12 hours to respond. I have slept on my written response, and now I am awake again, feeling acceptable to the idea of releasing it, especially after letting things settle down as much as possible, also giving the chance for others to opinionate, while avoiding communicational problems that occur simply from responding too quickly…… Keep in mind that restraint – or ‘temperance’- is another great ‘cardinal virtue’ other than prudence, along with justice… and fortitude, of course, which are of value to those who would like to be truly wise; and to be wise, you must be disciplined/self disciplined to a certain degree. There is no other way. We must all be in control of ourselves around others, or there will be suffering and death. Can you see how this has affected humanity in this day of age? Do I really need to speak of the pandemic alone to remind you who has and who has not followed disciplinary measures/protocol for the health of everyone? Meditate on what it means to be in control -what it means to have at least a little bit of discipline to get what we want as humans. Without discipline – forget the idea of consent to have sex with someone without continuously causing problems. Without consent as we know it and want it to be, people will get raped, sometimes brutally. This is real, and it happens as it has always happened throughout history. However, human rape in comparison to non-human rape can be an unspeakable horror, because the human mind and body is capable of doing mind-blowing things, and without discipline, mind-blowing could be taken literally when I say it, for example, to be raped and then fed hard drugs while left naked in a cage for three weeks before the rape victim gets their mind-blown, along with their brains, from one gunshot through the skull from a .44 magnum. The world can be an ugly place, just as the truth is, until you work with it.

Submitting to a certain amount of obedience and order for a higher common good is what we all want one way or another – it comes with our hard wiring- part of the herd mentality- the sad part is most of the dominant culture out there is selfish in this natural endeavor – hyper intensified by the attractiveness of purely hedonistic lifestyles advertised openly and subliminally, aimed to ruin your life for profit. The type of discipline you are thinking about is not what I have in mind, or at least, not as extreme as you may believe, that I must say am not making an attempt to promote. The problem with writing radically is that it takes so much more work to get someone to understand who has been submerged in dysfunctional aspects of culture just enough to not ever in their lifetime experience or think about what it means to truly live. This world is in very deep trouble… in fact, it’s position is lacking any possibility to have a worthy revolution to fix it before it collapses. The children (who are rarely seen) are naturally beautiful/pure/innocent for a little while but are growing up to quickly follow the paradigms of destruction, in the steps of mostly pathetic and corrupt parents, which is a real heartbreaker to be a witness to. When I think of Greta Thunberg, I feel a little better.

Anyway, without discipline, we have no sustainable wisdom; without wisdom we have in the end a very limited ability to truly be happy as a whole, unless we are very selfish – and for some reason, being solipsistic is in vogue, and raging amongst the opiated masses. The world is over populated at this point – and even if the world becomes sustainable (deep green), the population of the world will still be too high. It should never have gotten this high even if it was sustainable from the beginning. Everything is exploding out of control. Boredom and inability to have an attention span to read a longer post about children and how special they are is not even exciting, because it is not a quick experience to enjoy and move on to the next – it takes more dedication that only in the end will you know if it was worth it. Most won’t take that risk – no patience – no discipline for higher learning – purely hedonistic – selfish. With that said, I hope this is worth your time, whoever you are. Congratulations on hanging around.

The meaning of life is to be secure; and to be secure enables one to experience happiness, among other great things. Security comes before happiness. Security comes from peace of mind. Peace of mind comes from not being around whatever will disturb your thoughts. What disturbs your thoughts usually comes from that which is not controlled. What is uncontrollable usually lacks discipline, one way or another.

Well before I write any more, thank you so much for acknowledging that you have read my work and thus making an effort to communicate in return by means of basic, fairly rational, constructive criticism. I am sure you have many interesting things to say, of which we could both discuss and agree upon. It means more to me than you will ever know, which is what I am willing to allow you to know for starters in this reply.

What I have written and you have read is a very specific conclusion, a very specific answer, realized through and after making many sacrifices forged by the necessity of truly being alive to the fullest and applying critical philosophy mostly during the ‘quiet’ hours (after and through the ‘loud’ ones), over great periods of time, and such a conclusion was born without any seemingly worthy alternative to it. Seriously. All I know that I can do at this point is expand the work, and improve it to as close to perfection as possible. As full of the desire as I am to obtain the greatest truths, I can not go any further than the answers I have concluded upon that reveal how humanity must function to be stabile, sustainable, balanced, organic, healthy and sane. My mind has finally come to what looks like a bright white room without walls, made of purity and infinite vastness, where there is no need to seek any deeper answers, and there are no other doors to open to see what is behind them. It is a kind of enlightenment – it is mere human consciousness eventually taken to an extreme – and I only have gratitude for staying alive and getting to where I am now, through everything that I have endured in my life. What I provide in writing is only part of this experiential limit, however.

I will say that if you find that there is at most a better way to improve the entire human situation, or at least provide an improved way to go about this strategy I have began to form and make aware to others for the purpose of seeing a real way to save the planet / keep humanity stable, etc., please, I beg you, let me know, and soon, as I am about to be ‘homeless’ by choice (before being forced to inevitably) and far away from the internet.

Yes, *everything* is deeply ‘linked’. I am happy that you understand what I am talking about here, Human. It is sad that the longer time passes, the less one may see of how the connections are made to all things through human design… connections that create who we are… and who we are is partly from the mess that we were literally born into. Reductionism within philosophy helps. Asking every who, what, where, when, how and why helps. Studying history, anthropology and biology helps. Studying linguistics, semantics, and semiotics helps. Being alone in solitude and away from others helps. . .which I find to be as pleasurable as it is depressing these days…

-I completely agree with this statement: ‘Materialism and consumerism (in my opinion) negates the need for a philosophically and sexually enlightened child-class. All that matters is that they become productive consumers, rather than sexually-liberated free-thinking individuals.’

The intentions of dominant culture (which are arbitrary) in combination with what controls it and wants to ultimately do for everyone creates it’s own middle ground for quality [read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to learn more about ‘quality’, etc.], of which can easily be disagreed upon by itself and done so until such quality of life is finally changed (or at least within the counterculture, select subcultures and microcultures/climates) after attempting to be forced as square pegs into round holes that the dominant culture chooses to exercise for it to function for a favorable outcome, altering any and all other functions it encounters that may get in the way. The only way to make the human situation sustainable is to simplify it. Humans do not understand how primitive they must become to save themselves. Individualism, getting famous or rich, post-modernist beliefs, selfishness, greed, ignorance, denial, cynical behavior, contemptuous behavior, materialism, consumerism, various forms of private property within over-accumulated amounts of occupied space and elements, violent and careless behavior, are all very deep problems, and need to come to an end. (The list of what is wrong is very long of course, but I have chosen to reply to what you were talking about initially, which is how the examples that I have written have come to mind – and be aware of how, in your reply, or anyone’s reply, [you] can easily alter the light of the subject simply by adding a comment, no matter what it is. That is how the good of the world has been destroyed over time: by people who do not think before they speak, from a lack of discipline. I have no real interest in ‘right’ or ‘left’ politics (considering my radical approach) as I like to think in my head without all that is wrong in the world which prevents me from understanding, seeing and living by the ‘truth’. Both the left and right are out of control, dysfunctional, and insane at this point. Did you know that I just want to talk about children, and what we can do with and for them, more than anything?… should I waste my time talking too much about things that do not exist/ should not exist in nature?). I look at non-human animals and see almost no problems in their sustainability, (except for how savage they can be specifically to survive in certain environments) and therefore have become model in my mind for how all the creatures of the world need to operate, cooperating together in equilibrium, with an emphasis on humanity, as human conscious differs from non-human consciousness, and therefore has more responsibility because of it – it is required now to have control, there is no looking back for too long, no looking away in ignorance allowed.

[I want you to look at me – I want you to see me breathe – I want to spend time with you and show everyone how to live in the best of ways with or without children playing and learning in sight all around us. In the year 1960 AD, 36% of the human population comprised of children, and has gone down ever since, but children will always exist, wherever there are sentient beings. The most sentient creatures are humans, and we are the ones who have controlled life on the planet more than any other.]

. . .As for discipline, it is required. Either you have it or you do not. I implore everyone to think deeper about how different humans are to non-humans, especially now. I implore you to look at what happens within humanity when discipline is left out of the picture, more or less. Without discipline starting from an early age, people and other creatures get hurt. For example…… people get hurt and then insane laws are made by insane people to prevent people who lawmakers consider to be insane from doing possibly such ‘insane’ things that only may be truly insane in a different way from creating insane laws that can trap anyone in the first place. Did that make sense? I hope it did. Maybe I should just say and remind everyone that it is because of a lack of discipline that humans within the dominant culture have eventually decided for everyone not to allow ourselves to be sexually intimate with younger humans as adults (among other child-adult relations), and that the age of consent laws are simply quite insane to follow these days, without any signs of improving until the collapse of civilization, beginning with the loss of energy resources and the death of the internet. The years 2045 – 2075 AD will be very interesting, I promise. I predict and expect this time period to be exceptional for whatever is left of humanity, considering what I know of cliodynamics. We can do amazing things if we work together.

Our consciousness requires control, as in, ‘being in control’ of our lives. This is very important. This is one of the sacrifices I have discovered about the truth, the deep truth of humanity. Without discipline, without real control, there will be chaos – chaos within humanity to the point of being considered worthless, and very little real positivity for the human species to be on the planet. Without real structure and discipline, without humans truly being in control of themselves in every little detail, humanity will eventually go extinct after putting themselves through horrific amounts of oppression and suppression, and we are headed in that direction.

Discipline can be fun, should be fun, and will be fun providing the teaching goes smoothly, which is the goal that is parallel to discovering what the meaning of life is. It must be said that no matter how hard humans try to avoid suffering, it will still occur. The goal is to accept this, and work with this, and avoid suffering through discipline. A random thought: those who may be against my ideas of discipline are merely jealous of the conclusion I have come across. Such people may not even understand because, as I have witnessed, have little discipline themselves for one reason or another. It is a harsh world, I know, and I am sorry, for all it is worth, but please do not take it out on me. Do not think I desire attention or recognition for my work. I have come to connect with those who are disciplined out there and know it’s importance, and oh boy, I knew the majority of those out there lack such quality, and talk more than they should. I enjoy intelligent commentary from those who are more extroverted, but sometimes I think my favorite types of people are silent readers, and truly introverted. I know you are out there. I care about you deeply. There is always something to write about anything. Did you know we do not have individual souls? -We are all connected. I love you and I love you when I love myself too.

Y.I.S.E. is a bit intense in the way that I put it, I have thought about it many times, yet I see no other way. I seriously do not see another way that is better. Such educational structure and discipline is required. We must have some kind of intimacy ‘school’ for humans, being taught intimacy even more than other subjects during childhood/youth. Intimacy is far more important than being ‘smart’ at an early age… to be smart, you must be healthy first. Intimacy is more important than philosophy in the beginning – I promise you, philosophy will come on it’s own, during intimacy school and outside of it, and there will be plenty of time for philosophy later in life – and life, under these conditions I strive for, will be long. There is plenty of time to learn everything that is required and what is pleasurable within reasonable, realistic limits. Humans need intimacy to be stable with the planet. This is a connection that humans need to learn and understand. Instead of being philosophical about life, as you seem to think is necessary specifically starting early in life, I implore you that living is more important than talking about living, though chit-chatting is important too. You must live before you can talk with dignity about what it means to be alive, and realistically, what really needs to be talked about? Language/linguistics creates paradoxes and confusion and anger, and life-altering paradoxes can only be avoided through silence – nonverbal action/thought. Talking is over rated, to a certain degree – when what is being talked about is useless to reality, like sarcasm or mockery, for example. Many things are over-rated and put incorrect amounts of emphasis on. . . . There is an endgame to philosophy, and that is living what you know and believe in, which even happens by default anyway. Just make sure to realize that. Adults will always be in control, but it is a matter of how we/they are in control that makes a difference. Children are to be put first, within the care of enlightened adults / parents. There is no other way it needs to be that is natural.

-Children need to live before they begin to theorize how one should live.

-What a child is born into will be a part of their life, forever. A child is sculpted firstly by the parents, by their environments, and by other people – in a plethora of combinations over time.
A child who is born into a situation where adults focus on raising children with structure and discipline should not regret it later in life. The ‘discipline’ I speak of, like I mentioned in the speech/statement/essay/thesis/manifesto, is similar to Buddhism, and even medical school. I have written an essay called ‘Medically-focused Deep-green Anarcho-humanitarian Collectivism’ that explains the importance of humans having a sustainable way to live and survive, and would love to share that here for everyone to see, posted as another comment.

There are too many little details I would love to explain for you, for anyone, but the time I have available to do so is limited – thanks to an unfair system. I promise you, if you think harder about what you have qualms about, you will eventually give in to what I am sure is the solution, and am now an activist for. If I had the time, I would turn this information into a book, which was my original intention. The extreme details need to be written about even further, to prove my point… to make my insight air-tight, and fool-proof. See, I have been where you are in your thinking, yet I have found that there are even better ways to think, yet to do so ostracizes you even further away from the thousands-of-years-old system and it’s contented slaves/minions and how it functions, which has been dysfunctional from the start. We need to understand what we have done of course, one way being through philosophy, though we must start to take action that true philosophy encourages – and soon. Less talk, more action. Without the action, we will fail. Philosophy is only a superficial action. Philosophy is of equal value to how it is used in reality.

Maybe my writing here will help to explain certain things, maybe not well enough, maybe not at all. All I can say is I am extremely critical of many things and desire the truth about life very very badly, and my ‘speech’ is a reflection of the conclusion that I have finally come to after many years. I want to explain so many things, like what what my life has been like in solitude for over a year now while not being employed and rarely getting out or talking to people while having time to do explore my own thoughts deeply and do research, but I must avoid such discussions. I can only tell you that I have worked hard to get to where I am now, even though the best of us out there are who do work hard get treated unfairly sometimes by a completely dysfunctional system.

Good luck to you all – you will need it when the time comes.
Just remember to put children first as much as possible in the mean time – that is all I ask of the world as a wish before my final moments of life.

To the moderators: There is nothing within my writing that you should be worried about.


(Children First = human health + environmentalism)
The solution of requesting to put children first in all of our lives is not only about fighting for the rights of children in combination with the rights of grown-up children (adults), but also about something much deeper and important as a whole, which, if put into action among all the cultures around the world along with a few teachings, would be a way to stabilize the health of all humanity starting from where we are now or later in time (emphasis on post-collapse of civilization) and how to focus on environmental sustainability to continue our survival as humans on this planet.
If you can understand how everything is connected and what must be done for humans to successfully live in equilibrium with themselves and the rest of life on this planet, then I am happy, as that is the real point I am trying to make.
The health of humanity is not currently stable: putting children first in our lives will help to solve this issue.
The planet is suffering from environmental destruction: putting children first will also help to solve this issue.
If you have wanted to know how to save the planet in every way, putting children first is the answer. This is my conclusion to all things.
For the love and importance of all children, I have personally made an effort to come out in peace after learning the true meaning of children after years of deep thinking, consequently causing a desire to speak on their behalf as they are younger human beings who are mostly ignored and denied rights, as what I have ultimately concluded within my discovery of truth is that children need to be put first to stabilize humanity across our entire planet more than anything else to save it.
I kid you not ~ we must put CHILDREN FIRST!
The highly sought after solution that describes what is most necessary to return to a balanced and stable mode of humanity simply by being directly involved with children as the main priority in our lives in a few important incremental steps of which are all to be taken very seriously and worked on until what seems radical becomes normal as this is what is required of the human race to save itself :
Step 1. Children First: regardless of important teachings of intimacy, intelligence of nudity, or acceptance of childhood sexuality.
Step 2. Teachings of Intimacy: A) children learning to be intimate with other children B) adults learning to be intimate with children.
Step 3. Nudity: covering body with clothing as little as possible to encourage a very real and natural back-to-basics way of living through nudism.
Step 4. Children Playing and/or Playing with Children: intimately when necessary; especially while nude.
Step 5. Consensual Human Relationships: A) adults with adults B) children with children C) children with adults (avoiding penetration by the adult if necessary). Responsibly intimate, nude, and sexual as an optimal growing experience to keep humanity in equilibrium with all things.
This message is only directed towards certain types of people who actually exist and sadly have dominated the earth at this point. With that said, these words may not apply to any of you out there:
Please try to understand when I say this, that if you do not care about putting children first, as in, to focus on raising them a specific way so that they do not grow up to be like the spawn of the devil thinking that it is OK to destroy the natural world, it’s delicate ecosystems, and human living environments of all kinds for any unworthy reason, then… fuck you and your life.
Children are sculpted by all sorts of people and environments during their lives well into their own [adulthood], these days to be raised to follow along the paths of destructive paradigms, paradigms that are patterns of slow death, insanity, and suicide/humanicide.
Question: What went wrong to cause such destructive behavior thus causing these problems?
Answer: Children were not put first in a deep way, which technically has been going on for thousands of years, and now everything around us is being ruined and falling apart. Extinction seems imminent, and the science and there to back this claim.
Back to what I was saying, NOTHING makes me angrier than knowing about these poor choices we as humans have made over time (especially within the last few hundred years), as well as what I know about humans who think such choices are not a serious problem either, and such ignorance is still happening these days beginning with parenting in combination with the physical design aspects of human-environmental structure that we continue to build.
Civilization, if you did not know, is a mostly a death trap…
The skyscrapers are tombstones,
sidewalks are paths for zombies,
and every automobile is a hearse.
Our planet is the only planet with life on it!
Do you understand how important this is?!
If you focus on putting children first in a specific way, a deep way inside everything that we as humans do as a whole, whenever possible, the world will hopefully regain it’s health again, and that is what I am truly fighting for: a healthy, sustainable home for all to live in, for a long long time.
To put children first is a very simple thing to do, but as of now it is very hard to put into action, as humanity has gotten more and more out of tune with the acceptance of living in balance with nature.
[Insert the best possible pro-writing about the true meaning of anarchism and why all governments cause violence, why late-stage capitalism is a disaster and destroys the human spirit, what the one and only truly needed solution is to focus on to have all environments on the planet be or become sustainable which in my conclusion is about raising children in a specific way, the current mental and physical health of human beings, the importance of intimacy, nudism, human consciousness, structure and discipline in relation to children and how they will mature over time, ethics and cooperation, the relations of older humans and younger humans, new radical philosophical and realistic designs being meshed into society with the ability for citizens to also freely modify the details, how everything is deeply connected, and why most people are so confused and lost about how to truly live a worthwhile life and have so many interests in putting my insights down to make themselves feel better rather than joining me in my struggle to improve the world as earthlings on a planet that we all share, how human life should have been since the beginning as a philosophical statement and what the future of humanity will be like whether you want to accept it or not all HERE to help you understand how important it is to put Children First!]


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