Ethics of Paradise

Children First : An introductory speech for consensual humans.

~ Dear parents, teachers, caretakers, comrades, activists, and lovers of children of all kinds, As you may be able to look around and see for yourselves, the majority of us who are present here are adults working to improve the earthly realm of humans around us, and we should take notice that there are [few/no] […]

Stabilize the world by putting Children First : This is the answer everyone is looking for.

Youth Intimacy School Education (Y.I.S.E.) Ultimate goal: Worldwide Humanitarian Equilibrium / Peace on Earth Disciplinary studies in focus: Human Anatomy, Bodily Form and Function, Human Health and Medical Protocols, Respect, Relationships, Routine, Patience, Stillness, Endurance, Acceptance, Strength, Transcendence, Confidence, Honesty, Courage, Love, Friendship, Humanitarianism, Meditation, Sexuality, Ethics, etc. Disclosure: Important human subjects such as Arithmetic, […]

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